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Dance Warm-up

Get ready to bust some moves with this dance warm-up.

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This is the first important step for all dancers. Warm up your muscles and and joints so that you're ready to move your body to some cool and funky beats.

A little bit about your instructor

Adrienne is a professional dancer with a successful career performing in London’s West End Theatre shows. She is also a Personal Trainer with a passion for health, fitness and wellness. Adrienne has been active her whole life and as child she has fond memories of climbing trees, playing netball, running and enjoying gymnastics. She discovered her talent for dancing when she entered and won a dance competition at age 12. That was the beginning of her life-long love of dance. As a mum of a young child, she enjoys working with other mums providing advice on fitness. She runs both one to one and group training fitness classes and bootcamps for mums.


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