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Be A Superhero!

Become a Yoga Superhero and fly to Secret Sage for the secret to feeling amazing!

50 points

Discover the secret to a calm and positive mind. Strengthen your superhero body and make yourself stronger with some cool Yoga moves. You'll get to learn and practice classical Yoga postures like Warrior 1, Warrior 2 and Warrior 3. Let's soar through the sky!

A little bit about your instructor

Alison is a yoga devotee and mother of two energetic young boys aged 6 and 3. She's been practicing yoga for 20 years, and loves sharing Yoga with children in a way that brings this ancient practice’s benefits to them with bucket loads of fun! During the week Alison teaches Yoga in schools and nurseries across London.


by Natasha
by Stuart
by Stuart
Superb - the kids were SO ENGAGED. This is great. More please! Thankyou.
by Jessica
Son loved it. Really into the storyline about superheroes and the interactive bits.
by Debbie
by Raakhi
by Lily
by Joyce
by lani
by bob
by Catherine
by Catherine
by Catherine
by camelia
It's nice !!!