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Animal Antics

Have fun seeing what life is like for our animal friends.

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This fun workout challenges new movement patterns that are completely different to how we move around each day. Move like a chimpanzee, inchworm, crab, frog and bear. Build your coordination, power your brain and get your heart rate up.

A little bit about your instructor

Joslyn travels the globe as a Nike Master Trainer to train Trainers and leads major fitness events. She does what she loves: keeping fit and motivating other to achieve a healthy lifestyle. Joslyn can only be described as one of the most motivating and down to earth people we’ve met. As a mum she gets it. She knows how important it is to keep kids and whole family active and healthy. With 12 years of experience in the fitness industry, Joslyn is a Personal Trainer and Sports Therapist. She’s an educator in the field of health and fitness lecturing at seminars and running regular training and nutrition workshops. Joslyn competes in and coaches CrossFit athletes and has more recently turned her hand to gymnastics. She enjoys working with children and giving them a great start in life. She has experience in educating schools and teachers on how to incorporate fitness into the school day and has also worked on an exciting project with Nike to improve the fitness of young girls.


by Joyce
Lots of fun pretending to be animals. Love being an inch-worm!
by Lily
by regina
by Lily
by Raakhi
by madison
it was hard work that will hopefully help me
by Jill
by Joyce
by lani
by Joyce
by camelia
by Catherine
by aditya