About us

How Rockitt can help

We believe that by developing a healthy lifestyle children live a better and happier life.

To achieve this, we’ve created an online fitness destination to help kids be more active. We're making fitness fun and making it easy to get kids moving. Our simple and effective workouts can be done at any time, and anywhere. It's easy to fit in - just pick a time that works with your family schedule, at home after school or on a rainy day.

Each of our workouts and fitness programmes are designed specifically for growing bodies and young minds. Whether it’s to improve focus and concentration for school, or to get ready for an upcoming ski holiday – we want to make it relevant to your family life and your child’s fitness goals. 

Healthier, stronger, happier kids

A little exercise each day helps to build a healthier, stronger and happier lifestyle.  It's never too early to start healthy habits. 

Keeping active and fit has many awesome physical and mental benefits. Exercising gives kids that “feel good” factor, creating a positive outlook and boosting confidence. Regular exercise is proven to boost strength, flexibility and coordination and improve concentration levels to help them do better at school and for everyday activities.

By building positive habits early we’re helping to create a lifelong habit of physical activity and healthy living.

A little bit about us - we're parents too, we get it

Just like you, we’ve felt the guilt of not having enough time to take our kids to the park, or to kick a ball around with them. 

Like you, we also struggle with the thought of them sitting in front of the iPad everyday playing games or watching TV for hours. 

We created Rockitt to make a difference and to help both parents and children. Our children's health and well-being is our priority. We want to show children all the awesome benefits of living a more active life.

About Joyce 

An advocate for simple, healthy living and mum of 2. 

She's a day-dreamer and an eternal optimist. She's a foodie who loves to cook and bake and enjoys designing and travelling in her spare time. Joyce likes to stay active by working out and taking long walks with the kids on weekends. 

Keeping fit is important to her, but so is having 5 minutes of peace and quiet with her cup of tea and slice of cake. 

About Andrew

A tech geek dad with a penchant for strong coffee.  

He embraces his geeky side by building gadgets and websites. 

The not so geeky side of him likes to travel, test drive new beers and read loads of books. He also tries to keep fit by enjoying the great outdoors (and visiting the gym when he can).